Need Help Program Wont Run Ton Errors C Program Car Class Demonstrate Class Program Create Q34821234

Question Need help program wont run. ton of errors.. a c++ program forCar class. Demonstrate the class in a program that creates a Carobject. CarYear, CarModel, CarMake, CarColor 1) car.h #include<iostream>#include<string> using namespace std; class Car{    private:        int year;        string model,Maker;     public:        Car()        {           year = 0;           model = “”;           Maker = “”;        }        void Caryear(inty);        void … Read more

Need Help Program Doubly Linked List Lab Specification Implement Doubly Linked List Dummy Q34262983

Question Need help in this program Doubly-linked list Lab Specification Implement a doubly-linked list with dummy head and tail nodes tostore integer values. Unlike singly-linked list which only allowsforward navigation, a doubly-linked list allows you to navigate thelist in both forward and backward directions. A node in adoubly-linked list stores two pointers, prev and next. … Read more